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I'm really glad I met the people at Lex Waka. I thought I'd have to spend a fortune to hiring a tech lawyer to draft a SaaS agreement for my bot software. The folks at Lex Waka drafted a comprehensive agreement for my business at a much cheaper rate, and in less than 24 hours. There was some free consultation too!


Lex Waka has been nothing but excellent. I needed an expert to review my employment agreement for a role as a product manager at a FAANG company. I was assigned an experienced lawyer who discussed the agreement with me and gave a review in real time. Thanks to them, I was able to negotiate favourable terms for myself.


My company recently set up shop in France and we needed to have our legal documents translated from French to English on an ongoing basis. We found Lex Waka and we've been using them for a couple of months now. They deliver before agreed deadlines and are always happy to answer any questions we may have.


Thanks to Lex Waka, I was able to pursue a case pro se with well-researched and authoritative judicial decisions and statutes that helped me argue my case in a property dispute in California.