Legal Research & Analysis
Legal Research & Analysis
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Legal Research & Analysis

Ask questions and let our experts give you authoritative answers in reports based on comprehensive and in-depth legal research.

Do you need to find case law/judicial decisions or statutes on an area of law for a case you're pursuing pro se (without the aid of a lawyer), a potential dispute with a business partner, or to know if certain expenses are tax deductible under a country's taxation jurisprudence? In whatever form these questions come, simple, complex, tiered, or even hypothetical scenarios, we're more than capable of utilising the best legal research tools and strategies to get you answers.

Our team comprises seasoned lawyers, legal and policy researchers and paralegals that have expertise in a number of legal areas such as:

  • Technology law
  • Media Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Data Protection and Digital Privacy Law
  • Contract Law
  • Business Law
  • Intellectual Property Law (Copyright Law, Patent Law and Trademark Law)
  • Corporate Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Tort Law
  • Arbitration Law
  • Evidence Law
  • Equity and Trust Law
  • Constitutional and Civil Rights Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law
  • Private International Law
  • Public International Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Energy Law
  • Legal Ethics
  • Civil and Criminal Procedure

Our team members also have access to some of the foremost legal research repositories such as Lexis Nexis, Westlaw, Lex Machina, Lexology, Mondaq and Thomson Reuters.